The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

- John 1:5

Above verse is used in the ending scene of the movie "The Mission" which is filmed by director "Roland Joffe" and ran in the theaters throughout 1986. The historical background of the story is "Guarani War" of 1754-1756. During that time, Jesuit missionaries who were torn between political pressures from Spain and Portugal. But in the midst of their struggles, they chose to fight for true faith by staying with native Indians. Many of other priests are inspired by these Jesuit missionaries' sacrifices, and continue to support the rights of the Indians for the sake of justice, and do so with their lives. Beyond all doubt, it's a religious movie and a very sad story as well. It reminds people to think about some topics seriously. Only when we throw ourselves into missionary work can genuine faith grow in the process. The formality of a church is not the embodiment of its belief(or "Genuine faith develops from hard-core missionary work, not by any formality or religion ceremonies."). And how terrible the genius of hegemony beneath the shallow appearance of faith is. A bloodless slughter would take place each time when a soul's faith is contaminated by worldly values. So here is a major problem, have we ever asked ourselves "How many sacrifices we would like to pay for defending the faith that we always put in mouths?".

He says, how does he know you know God's will?
He thinks you speak not for God, but for Portugal.
I do not personally speak for God, but l speak for the church... which is God's instrument on earth.

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